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Plans for another ‘world class’ island destination in the Andaman Sea

Koh Adang
Koh Adang in southern Thailand

According to the Southern Border Provinces Administrative Centre, Koh Adang, located off the coast in the southern Thai province of Satun, will be developed into a world-class tourism destination similar to nearby Langkawi in Malaysia. Satun Province is renowned for its pristine nature, which spreads over jungles, mountains and beaches. Koh Adang already has plenty of all that, but little else.

Koh Adang is situated almost directly halfway between the holiday islands of Phuket and Penang. Currently it only has one small resort and a camping area, but is otherwise covered in tropical jungle with limited flat areas for development. The island has, so far, shown limited potential for any development, compared to other islands in the Andaman Sea.

During a recent meeting held by the SBPAC to discuss tourism development in Satun, Deputy Secretary-General Chanathan Saengphum stated that all relevant agencies would work together to develop Koh Adang into a major tourism destination over the next five years.

The island will be dubbed the “Riviera of Southeast Asia” (a nickname that’s been used several times for other tourism projects in the region that haven’t got off the ground) and selected for tourism development due to its potential.

Koh Adang, Thailand

GOOGLE MAPS: Koh Adang, Thailand

Koh Adang features a large and beautiful area suitable for development as a major eco-tourism destination and recreational centre. The project was submitted to the Strategic Committee for the Development of Southern Border Provinces during its meeting on February 27, 2023.

Located on the Andaman Sea in the Tarutao subdistrict, Koh Adang covers an area of around 30 square kilometres and is surrounded by small islands. Satun Province has other notable tourism islands, Koh Dong, Koh Hin Ngam and Ko Yang – already on the tourist map for southern island beach seekers. Geographically, it features high mountains with dense green forests.

Koh Adang, the second-largest island in the group, after the island of Tarutao, offers many natural attractions such as Mae Mai Bay, a waterfall called “Namtok Chon Salat” which has water flowing all year round, and a scenic viewpoint called “Pha Chado” which was an observatory point for pirates in the past looking to attack commercial ships.

Koh Adang is also an ideal place for scuba diving to appreciate the regions coral reefs with the archipelago of islands already on the list of favourite locations for diving groups and tours.


Professor Dr. Sukree Langputae, Vice-President for International Relations and Alumni of Fatoni University, emphasised that Satun must prepare itself to handle the tourism development project in terms of education. The curriculum should include related courses, such as those concerning foreign languages to equip students with necessary knowledge and skills.

These islands provide tourists with a variety of activities and experiences, making Satun a perfect destination for travellers seeking adventure and relaxation in a natural setting.

The project aims to turn Koh Adang into a regional tourism hub which would be able to attract higher-spending visitors from around the world. Infrastructure like ferries, hotels and even an island airport – the nearest airports are Trang and Hat Yai, both at least 2 hours away from the mainland jump off point. Nearby Langkawi also has an airport but would require an international transfer before taking a ferry to Koh Adang.

For now freelance boat companies are the only way to get out to the archipelago from mainland Satun.

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