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Visiting the Phi Phi islands and Maya Bay

Maya Bay
Maya Bay

Not just an island, but a 6-island archipelago between Phuket and Krabi in the amazing Phang Nga Bay. Sure you’ve heard of Maya Bay, but there’s a lot more to see and do apart from the famous Instagrammable bay.

Phi Phi is one of the most popular destinations for people visiting Phuket or Krabi, even more-so after being featured in the 2000 movie “The Beach” featuring a younger Leonardo DiCaprio.

5 of the islands have no developments or permanent structures on them, other from piers and National Park buildings.

But that’s all made up on the largest of the islands, Phi Phi Don which is the only island with hotels, restaurants, shops and bars. The main island is also known for nature walks, a breathtaking viewpoint, fantastic snorkelling, stunning limestone rock formations, rock climbing, kayaking, photo opportunities, coral reefs and feet-in-the-sand Thai restaurants.

There is also a vibrant nightlife that has developed over the years on the main island of Phi Phi Don, and accommodation options at all levels. There are no sealed roads on the island and you can get everywhere by foot.

Whilst the feature location of Maya Bay is closed down for a few months during the annual monsoon (usually August and September), the Phi Phi Islands can be visited at any time of the year, although during the monsoon your tour company will be more selective with the weather.

Maya Bay was closed down for beach visits in 2018 for an extended break and only re-opening in 2022 with new access paths and a landing pier to help protect the famous beach and eco system.

You can reach Koh Phi Phi from either Krabi or Phuket – around 90 minutes to 2 hours on the regular ferries or 45 minutes in one of the many speedboats heading out every day.

Diving or snorkelling in the turquoise waters around the smaller islands is recommended. The dive spots are very accessible and, apart from Surin and Similar Islands, is some of the best areas for diving in that particular region. 

Phi Phi Islands map

5 Star Marine organises private boat tours to the Phi Phi Islands throughout the year. You can check out more details HERE.

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