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British man punches elderly property manager, knocking him to the ground

PHOTO: Khaosod English

Police in Nonthaburi province, northwest of Bangkok, are investigating after a British expat punched a housing estate property manager so hard he knocked him to the ground.

The 67 year old manager, named in a Khaosod English report as Mr Phanumeth, told officers at Nonthaburi Police Station that the British man, a resident in the housing estate, had punched him so hard he fell over.

The Brit has been named only as “Matthew” and it’s understood he’s been living in the estate with his Thai wife for a number of years. In that time, he has developed a reputation among the security guards for being hot-tempered and for frequently causing disturbances, according to the report.

The latest incident took place on Friday, May 31, at around 8.30am when Matthew arrived at the security guard booth demanding information on all the guards without saying why.

CCTV footage shows Mr Phanumeth arriving to calm him down. The security guard can be seen coming up behind Matthew and tapping him on the back. At this point, the British man turns around and delivers a blow to the guard that causes him to stagger, before falling to the ground. Other security guards can then be seen intervening and calling the police.

According to Mr Phanumeth, his nose started bleeding and he began to feel dizzy while waiting for the police to arrive. The security guard adds that he previously filed a police complaint after the British expat barged into his office on April 5, angry that his pass for entering the housing estate didn’t work and the barrier wouldn’t lift to let his car in.

Mr Phanumeth says on that occasion, he feared the British man would hit him and so he tried to calm him down, explaining that the battery in the pass card might be dead. Matthew then left the office but the security guard proceeded to file a police report due to the British man’s level of anger.

The police subsequently summoned Matthew and gave him a warning, which, according to the report, only served to make his behaviour worse. Mr Phanumeth says the Brit became increasingly aggressive, speeding through the housing estate and yelling at security guards. This latest incident is the final straw for his elderly victim.

“After being physically assaulted, I’m terrified of this foreigner because I’m old and work alone in the office. If this aggressive resident barges in to yell at me or assault me again, I won’t be able to fight back.”

The authorities are using Mr Phanumeth’s hospital report to petition the court to issue a summons for Matthew to acknowledge the charges against him.

SOURCE: Khaosod English

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