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False Thailand visa stories still polluting world travel publications

The Thai government’s stuff-up, announcing new visa exempt extensions, a new Digital Thailand Visa, and changes to other long-term visas, are continues to spread across world travel and lifestyle publications. The amendments are PR releases posted after to try and clarify the earlier announcements have done nothing to make the situation clear.

Even though the Foreign Ministry and government publications pre-announced the new visas and amendments, saying some of them were starting on June 1, 2024, along with sketchy details on the new DTV, corrections were later made that the new visa exempt extensions and the new DTV will be available “sometime” or “late June”.

But none of this has stopped some travel and lifestyle publications from continuing to post wrong information on their websites. Here’s just three random ones found this morning. There are plenty of others, continuing to spread false information and promises of “5 year stays for 10,000 baht”, etc.

From Time Out…

This completely misleading story about the new DTV, saying it was launched on June 1 (even the Thai government publications never said the DTV was being launched on June 1) is incorrect. And, “the remote workers could stay in the country for up to 5 years” which is, again, totally misleading.

Then this headline in Euro News, also claiming people can stay up to 5 years and “must leave the country every 180 days”. Wrong.

And from…

…claiming that the new DTV “allows remote workers to reside in the country for up to five years”. Again, wrong.

As of this publication date, Thursday June 13, 2024, there is no start date for the DTV or the extension to visa exempt stamps when people arrive without a visa. And the information that has been published about the DTV does not promise anything near what these articles are promising.

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