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Few exemptions for Thailand’s new arrival tax, starts June 1

Flight arriving in Thailand

The Thai Cabinet has given the green light to the proposal from the National Tourism Policy Committee to impose a “landing tax” on all foreign tourists visiting Thailand. Well, just about ALL foreigners.

The tax – also referred to as the tourism tax or arrival tax – will come into effect from June 1st, as tentatively proposed. It will range from 150 to 300 baht and will be levied on tourists upon their arrival. The new tax has been proposed since Thailand re-opened its borders to tourism early last year but was postponed as it was thought to be ‘bad timing’ as Thailand was trying to reboot its tourism industry.

The landing tax for foreign tourists arriving by land and sea will be 150 baht per person, while arrivals by air will be charged 300 baht. It is important to note that this tax will not be applicable to individuals who hold diplomatic passports, valid work permits, or special work permits for specific professions as stipulated by the Labour Ministry. Children under the age of two and transit passengers will also be exempt from paying the tax.

There is still a 700 baht departure tax which has been in force since 2007 and applied to the departing airfare.

The Tourism and Sports Minister says the money earned would be used to buy insurance for foreigners and leftover added to the tourism development fund. The fund will support the building of entrances for the disabled and toilets at tourist attractions.

The Cabinet has also directed the Immigration Bureau to streamline its regulations and conditions regarding immigration documents and relevant immigration laws. Furthermore, tourists can use receipts for tourism fee payments when applying for re-entry permits.

Tourism and Sports Minister, Pipat Ratchakitprakarn, clarified that the funds collected through this landing tax will be utilized for domestic tourism development and for providing insurance coverage for tourists during their stay in Thailand.

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