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It’s official – Thailand’s general election results confirmed

PHOTO: Facebook/Pita Limjaroenrat - พิธา ลิ้มเจริญรัตน์

The results of Thailand’s May 14 general election have been released by the Election Commission as of yesterday, May 25. The official results confirm that the Move Forward Party won a total of 14,738,851 million votes, with 39 party-list MPs and 112 out of 400 constituency MP seats. They have 151 MP seats in total.

Coming in second, the Pheu Thai Party won 10,962,522 million votes, with 29 party-list MPs and 112 MP seats. Pheu Thai have a total of 141 MP seats.

The Bhumjaithai Party won 1,138,202 million votes, with 3 party-list MPs and 68 MP seats. The party has a total of 71 MP seats.

In terms of ‘first-past-the-post’ votes, the Move Forward party won a commanding 37.3% of the primary votes, almost 13 times the number of votes for the 3rd placed party, BhumJaiThai.

Data from the Election Commission shows that a total of 39,514,964 Thai people voted in this election, out of a total of 52,195,920 citizens who are eligible to vote. This is a turnout of 75.71%, a new record, according to the EC.

Next up, the EC needs to certify each MP and check all final paperwork ahead of a new House Speaker being chosen and holding the joint Senate and House vote to choose the country’s new prime minister.

The new parliament will meet within 15 days of the election results and certification of MPs being published in the Royal Gazette and will vote for a new speaker, then agree the timeline for voting for PM.

However, the road to the PM’s office is not a straightforward one. While the Move Forward Party did secure a resounding victory, a number of senators have already stated that they will not vote for MFP leader Pita Limjaroenrat to be Thailand’s new PM.

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