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“Nong Ice’ is the 19th person to die as a result of the Mountain B fire in Sattahip

Nong Ice Mountain B
Nong Ice dies from Mountain B fire

The death toll from the August 5 fire at the Mountain B pub in Sattahip, south of Pattaya, has risen to 19. A 23 year old woman, initially injured in the fire died early this morning at the Chon Buri Hospital at 2.50am leaving a five year old daughter without a mother. The infant’s father also died in the fire.

“Nong Ice” went to Mountain B with her partner, 30 year old Chatchai “Im” Chuenkha, who was a singer in the nightclub. Im did not escape the conflagration.

The woman was initially treated at the Queen Sirikit Hospital in Sattahip before being transferred to Chon Buri hospital. She was only kept alive with the aid of a ventilator.

She suffered sever burns to 100% of her body. Ice’s situation gradually declined and in the end, she died from blood poisoning and shock, according to a statement from the hospital

“Even with one billion baht, without a daughter to help spend it, Mom will not find happiness. The only thing I wish for in this life is to have my daughter, the happiest thing in my life” – Ice’s mother, Weena Insiri, on Facebook this morning.

Ice’s 54 year old mother initially received a paltry 10,000 baht in compensation. She was offered an additional 10,000 to cover her travel and accommodation expenses to attend to her daughter during her hospitalisation. Weena said the family is now in “big trouble” and is unable to pay for Ice’s funeral. She told Thai Rath tha the family will file a lawsuit for damages to “restore justice for her daughter”.

On the night of the fire, 13 people died. Another 5 have since died in hospital as a result of their injuries. A total of 26 people injured in the fire are still in hospital, many with severe burns and breathing with the use of ventilators. Doctors expect some of them will perish as as result of their injuries.

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