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Thai Airways responds to ‘Tray Gate’ – flight attendants warned

Thai Airways tray Table
PHOTO: Thai Airways tray Table


Thai Airways has suspended members of a flight cabin crew for failing to remove three food trays from passengers’ tables during a flight from Singapore to Bangkok last week (below). The decision was made following a complaint uploaded on TikTok, in which the food trays were visible on the foldable tables.

Thai TikTok-er “Praewa_panicha” shared a video of the incident, showing the food trays still in place, despite having rung the bell for a flight attendant to remove them twice. During landing, a plastic water bottle fell from a table, and Praewa and her friends had to hold the trays to avoid further mess.

So, Thai Airways launched an investigation and announced the suspension of the cabin crew members for one month without pay. Additionally, the chief flight attendant, as well as all the cabin crew on board, received warning letters and will undergo safety training before returning to work.

In a Facebook post, the airline emphasised its commitment to passenger safety and stated that their flight attendants must follow a safety checklist before takeoff and landing.


Thai Airways is promising to investigate after a passenger accused cabin crew of failing to clear food trays from passengers’ folding tray tables prior to landing. TikTok user “Praewa_panicha” posted a video clip last Friday, which has since gone viral, saying both she and her two flying companions had to hold down their food trays as the aircraft descended and landed.

Praewa was on a Thai Airways flight from Singapore’s Changi Airport to Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport when she filmed the clip, which shows 3 food trays on the folding tables of 3 seats. As the flight lands, a bottle of water falls from one tray. Praewa says that prior to landing, she used the call bell to get the attention of the cabin crew, but nobody came to collect the tray or instruct the passengers to stow their tray tables or check for other general safety procedures before landing.

She says an announcement was made that the plane was descending and preparing to land and passengers were told to ensure their seat belts were fastened. However, the food trays remained on the 3 tables in front of Praewa and her friends.

After the plane landed, Praewa says she had to leave her seat to ask cabin crew to remove the food trays. After posting her video on TikTok, the clip quickly gathered over 5,700 reactions and over 360 comments, according to a Nation Thailand report.

In a statement posted on Facebook, Thai Airways says it has launched an investigation into the incident.

“Thai Airways International would like to explain that the company has learned of the incident and did not ignore it. The incident may have happened because of several factors and the company is in the process of an urgent investigation to find the facts.”

SOURCE: Nation Thailand

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