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Thailand finalises new 300 baht arrival tax

Arrival tax
arrival tax in Thailand

Thai tourism ministry officials have decided on the final details of the proposed ‘tourism tax’. But it won’t just be for tourists, it will be for every foreigner entering or re-entering Thailand.

Originally planned for implementation at the start of 2022, the plan was postponed because of the onset of the Omicron variants of Covid-19 in January and February, a lack of details about how the fee was going to be collected and what it would be used for.

Now, the proposed 300 baht fee is back in the news with the Tourism and Sports Ministry providing more details.

The  compulsory arrival fee will apply to all foreigners, “without exception” and will provide insurance coverage with a value of 500,000 baht for each person, up to 30 days, during their stay in Thailand. 

Although the Tourism and Sports Ministry says they are ready to launch the collection of the new fee they are waiting until all land and sea border entries are ready to collect the payments. 

The new 300 arrival fee will apply to all foreigners entering via air, land or sea into Thailand. ALL foreigners includes expats, work permit or long-term visa holders and diplomats.

A ministerial spokesperson says that, as they were going to collect the fee for air travellers via their airfare, there was no way the systems could easily differentiate between one type of visa or another. Only Thai citizens will be exempt from paying the new fee.

The insurance coverage will up to a value of 500,000 baht, covering accidents, riots, terrorism, natural disaster or “other incidents”. There would be a 1 million baht payout in the event of death and cremation or funeral expenses up to 150,000 baht. 

Health, hospital or Covid-19 expenses won’t be covered under the new compulsory arrival tourism fee.

It is expected that the Cabinet will confirm the plan in the next month and will then go into effect 90 days later.

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