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Phuket gets ready for 3 big events on the island in September

Phuket baba wedding
Phuket baba wedding 2022

Phuket Provincial Public Relations official Isaya Sinbusakorn met yesterday with Phuket local media to discuss the plan to promote three upcoming events taking place on the island in September. Phuket is slowly recovering as a popular meeting destination for small to medium sized meetings and events.

All three events are considered important as they are national-scale events, including APEC SME from September 5 – 10, the 28th Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle (IMT-GT) from September 13 – 16 and, for some traditional colour and music, the Baba Wedding from September 3 – 4 around Old Phuket Town.

The Manager of Andaman SME one-stop-service Centre, Pariyakorn Soikham, said that after hearing from the meeting, she believes the project will help develop the SME entrepreneurs while the Director of International Strategy and Coordination Division, the Office of the National Economic and Social Development Council (NESDC), Thuttai Keeratipongpaiboon, said that the IMT – GT conference that is arranged among Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia delegates is very important.

“Thailand is the host of this international meeting this year so Phuket local people should be a good host to welcome all the attendees.”

The Baba Wedding is also one of the selected 16 festivals/traditions around the country that the government is targeting to promote and it will be another big event during the month. Expect parades, colourful Peranakan costumes, actual weddings and food festivals.

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