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“It was in focus and in colour”- review for “Mother of the Bride” filmed in Phuket

The laughs are as absent as construction of the Patong Tunnel and, apart from a middle-aged Brooke Shields, the rest of the cast are as unknown as a working Phuket taxi-meter.

“Mother of the Bride”, the new Netflix free ad for Anantara Resort (both of them – in Layan and Mai Khao), is fun to watch if you live in Phuket (“oh, there’s so-and-so in the background”) but, otherwise, falls flat.

On the good side, it’s mostly in focus and in colour.

“Mother of the Bride,” falls short of expectations in a genre already saturated with clichés. Starring Brooke Shields and Benjamin Bratt, the film attempts to rekindle former lovers’ chemistry amidst the chaos of their children’s impending wedding.

“Let’s watch our Mum and Dad act like horny 20 year olds and make us all feel awkward.”

I’d say “spoiler alert” but there’s not much to spoil. Shields plays Lana, a successful geneticist, while Bratt portrays Will, a wealthy businessman, and brat. The pair’s reunion, after years of separation, lacks any charm. Despite the exotic location and exaggerated scenarios, including a mishaps with a pickleball and a stranded jeep, the film’s attempt at giggles falls flat.

Miranda Cosgrove’s is Lana’s daughter, Emma, and will now spend the rest of her career trying to Tippex any mention of this film from her CV.

There’s also the annoying best-friend-with-a-dirty-mind character and, of course, the gay couple with the witty double entendres.

“Mother of the Bride” relies heavily on tired tropes and predictable plot twists. Try as you might, you simply won’t be surprised or enchanted at all.

But Phuket and the Anantara Resorts look amazing. The drone pilot earned his fee.

The credits were, by far, the most likeable part of the film, revealing a long list of local creative employment for the island’s film industry.

Two ‘”oh, I know them” moments were…

Bill Heinecke, Thailand’s hotel and food mogul (and a serial writer of complaining open letters to Thai PMs), in a 5 second ‘blink and you’ll miss’ cameo. Bill is the owner of Minor Group, the owners of Anantara (“you can make your film at my resort if I get to play a part”).

And Sash Steffen, local child Elvis impersonator, and now accomplished MC at the excellent Junkyard Theatre. Sash was the ‘guy who carries the iPad’ and will be a strong contender in that category in next years’ Oscars.

Brooke Shields, who was also the executive producer, cast herself in this hour and a half product placement for the Anantara Resorts. It IS worth the watch to see our island up on the not-so-big-screen and the great scenery. But you will have to sit through the rest of the movie for the brief glimpses.

But if you have a Netflix account, a spare hour and half, a 7-11 takeaway and the patience of Job, then go for it.

Or, better still, look for “Father of the Bride” (and “Father of the Bride II”) with Steve Martin, Dianne Keaton and Martin Short and have a real, proper giggle at a well-written romcom.

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