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British man stabbed in early-morning Bangla Road fight

A fight erupted between a foreigner and a group of Thai teenagers on Soi Bangla Street very early on Friday morning, resulting in a young British tourist being stabbed.

Charlie Faulkner, the British tourist, was injured after intervening in a fight involving “four to five” Thai men in front of a 7-Eleven store near Soi Sea Dragon around 4:40 am on May 18.

According to police reports, a foreigner in a white shirt and pants was seen with his Thai girlfriend, engaging in a fistfight with a group of Thai men on Soi Bangla. Moments later, Mr. Faulkner, wearing a black t-shirt and black shorts, walked by, saw the fight going on and decided to intervene. He ended up being stabbed by the participants.

The Thais involved in the fight then fled the scene.

Mr. Faulkner told police he didn’t know, or have any connection, with the people involved in the fight. He says that staggered into the 7-Eleven store, bleeding, and then collapsed.

Passersby at the scene provided initial first aid until medics arrived and transported him to Patong Hospital.

A convenience store employee told that Mr. Faulkner ran into the store and collapsed in front of the counter. He was unable to speak and was coughing up blood. After removing his shirt, a small puncture wound, likely believed to have been caused by a sharp metal object, was found on his left rib cage. His head also appeared to have been struck with a bottle.

Mr. Faulkner’s Thai girlfriend confirmed that he was not involved in the brawl but was an unintended victim.

Patong Police later confirmed that three men were taken into custody at 8 pm on Friday night in connection with the incident but were unable to provide any information about a possible motive about the original fight, before Mr. Faulkner became involved.

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