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Hot-headed Australian facing prosecution following Phuket road rage


An Australian driver is facing big legal hassles in Phuket following a road rage incident between him and a minivan driver. The minivan driver, named as Monnapan Makarapan, accuses the unnamed Australian of damaging the wing mirror of his minivan in the May 29 incident.

Monnapan filed an official complaint with Chalong Police following the incident, which occurred in Wichit, in the Mueang district, according to a Phuket Express report.

According to Monnapan’s testimony, the car being driven by the Australian swerved abruptly in front of his minivan before slamming on the brake. Monnapan claims the action nearly caused him to collide with the car.

Shortly after, both vehicles were stopped at a red light when Monnapan decided to get out of his minivan and approach the car, to berate the driver over his dangerous driving. He claims that at that stage, the Australian tried to drive into him, so Monnapan got back in his minivan.

After the light turned green and both vehicles moved off, the road rage seemingly continued on both sides, with Monnapan repeatedly honking his horn at the Australian’s car. Both vehicles then came to a stop at the side of the road, at which point Monnapan says the Australian got out and hit the side mirror on his minivan, before driving off.

Wichit Police managed to track him down, with police chief Chatree Chookaew confirming that he is facing 2 charges of damaging the property of others and threatening others. He has been released on bail and police are expected to file the case at the district court today.

The Phuket Express reports that the Australian has admitted to having been very angry at the time, which he says was due to the continuous honking from the minivan driver. He also blames Monnapan for the incident, claiming he started it by getting out of his vehicle to confront the Australian.

SOURCE: The Phuket Express

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