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Phuket officials issue warning over stinging jellyfish at island’s beaches

PHOTO: Wikipedia

The authorities in Phuket have issued a warning about the presence of stinging ‘flame’ of ‘fire’ jellyfish at some of the island’s beaches. It comes after more than 30 people reported being stung at Kata Beach, although most only experienced mild symptoms.

Officials have placed signs at various tourist attractions around the island, including Nai Yang, Surin, and Patong beaches, as well as at Cape Panwa. The signs are aimed at raising awareness of the risk, as well as providing information on how to treat a jellyfish sting.

Suchart Ratanruangsri, director of Phuket Marine Resources Conservation, says lifeguards have been given bottles of vinegar as a first-aid measure they can use in the event of someone being stung.

“Those stung by fire jellyfish can pour vinegar on the sting for at least 30 seconds for immediate relief.”

Suchart cautions that using alcohol or even fresh water on a jellyfish sting will only make the pain worse. He adds that in the event of being stung by a Portuguese Man o’ War jellyfish, the wound should be flushed out with seawater or beach morning glory, instead of vinegar or fresh water.

Should also be remembered that these jellyfish are not ‘attacking’ you – we merely swim into their tentacles randomly.

Here’s the difference between the two…

PHOTO: Flame or Fire jellyfish, usually red or pink in colour.

PHOTO: Portuguese Man ‘o War, Stinger or Bluebottle

Anyone stung by a jellyfish is urged to seek medical attention as soon as possible. These two types of jellyfish, more commonly found in the Andaman Sea, whilst painful, are not fatal. Unlike the Box jellyfish, which is more commonly seen in the Gulf of Thailand, which can be fatal.

SOURCE: Nation Thailand

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