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Phuket Swiss expat accused of kicking female doctor in ‘misunderstanding’

PHOTO: Matichon

A Phuket doctor has accused a Swiss man of kicking her in the back outside his luxury villa. The story went viral on social media yesterday, February 29, with confusing and contradictory versions from both sides. Despite being, at face value, a trivial matter, it’s been the ‘talk of the town’ with local Thais for the past day.

It’s understood the incident happened at around 7.30pm on Saturday, February 24, when the doctor and a female friend were strolling on the beach in the Thalang district. They stopped to sit on the steps leading to the villa where a Swiss man lives with his Thai wife.

It’s alleged the Swiss man came down the steps, recording a video on his phone, and kicked the female doctor in the back. The medic and her friend then sought help from a nearby security man.

The Swiss man’s wife is also accused of verbally abusing the doctor and her friend, apparently telling them her “son was a policeman, and that she knew senior Phuket police officers and could have the women imprisoned”.

The Swiss man’s wife then called the police and officers arrived on the scene and attempted to negotiate with both parties.

The doctor and her friend subsequently filed a complaint at Thalang Police Station the following day, during which they discovered the Swiss man owns an elephant sanctuary on the island.

For his part, the foreigner insists he didn’t intentionally kick the doctor, but slipped on the steps of his villa. He has apologised and called for understanding.

Meanwhile, the chief of Thalang Police, has responded to the claims from the Swiss man’s wife that she has connections to senior police officers. Nikorn Chuthong says he was only transferred to Thalang Police Station recently and doesn’t know the woman, although she may know other officers.

He adds that both sides have failed to settle the matter amicably.

“Both sides could not reach a compromise, so the police advised the doctor to take a physical examination and file a complaint.”

Even the doctor’s father, Chaiyachot Uttamang, has weighed in on the matter, posting on social media to say his daughter has done nothing wrong.

Meanwhile, the entire debacle has opened up another can of worms on internet forums. As a result of the doctor testifying that her and her friend had their feet in the sand while sitting on the steps of the villa, netizens are questioning how the villa came to be built so close to a public beach.


Thalang officials are now being urged to investigate the property for possible encroachment, with the possibility that at least the steps may need to be demolished.

SOURCE: Nation Thailand

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