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Here come the Russians – new flights heading to Phuket for high season

Ikar Airlines Russia
Ikar Airlines Russia

The Phuket International Airport is seeing a lot of new direct flights from Russia. Even though Russian travellers have not filled up any of the top 5 spots for international arrivals in recent times, the new direct flights are expected to push Russian arrivals into the top 5 this month.

On October 30th immigration officials welcome another new direct flight from IKAR Airlines (also known as Pegas Fly and Nordwind, using mostly old Boeing 767 planes). 

Ikar Airlines LLC, operating as Pegas Fly, is a Russian charter airline headquartered in Krasnoyarsk and based at Yemelyanovo International Airport but operates most flights from Zhukovsky International Airport – Wikipedia

There were 449 passengers on the flight who arrived on Sunday from Russia’s Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow. 

Embattled Russian flag carrier Aeroflot is also resuming its direct, nine-hour flight from Moscow to Phuket.

In addition, three Russian airlines are scheduling direct flights to Phuket for the upcoming high season and Russian winter.

Aeroflot will operate daily flights between Moscow and Phuket at least up to March 25. Ikar Airlines will fly on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, also up to March 25 next year.

Siberia Airlines is also flying between Irkutsk International Airport and Phuket on Thursdays up to March 23. It will also operate Monday flights between Vladivostok and Phuket.

On October 30 Phuket Airport had its largest contingent of people through immigration – 7,701, including Thais returning from trips overseas. In pre-Covid times, Phuket airport would welcome some 30,000 passengers per day.

SOURCE: Phuket Immigration

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