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How Thailand is doing compared to regional tourism competitors

Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok
People departing from Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok

Recovery of Asia’s tourism economies comes down to ‘bums on seats’ – aircraft passenger seats – as well as a few border crossings and sea arrivals.

A lot of the traditional feeder economies for Asian tourism are currently either in recession, or under stress due to geopolitical circumstances, or having lingering Covid issues.

An interesting comparison can be made to some of Thailand’s regional tourist competitors and the number of monthly arrivals in recent months. These are just total international arrival numbers – not all arrivals are tourists of course.

According to the figures published on the Trading Economics website, Thailand is leading the way in Asia as the number one traveller destination at this time. Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia are also starting to recover their tourism industries, albeit well below their pre-Covid arrivals.

If you extrapolated Thailand’s international arrivals from July over a full year, the numbers would represent around 25% of the total international arrivals in 2019 when nearly 40 million people visited Thailand.


July – 767,497

June – 521,410


July – 64,225

June – 50,411

Hong Kong

July – 41,112

June – 18,710

South Korea

July – 99,999

June – 81,851


July – 345,438

June – 212,332


July – 120,400

June – 147,000


July – 41,496

June – 26,760


July – 254,312

June – 206,393


July – 543,732

June – 418,310


July – 352,579

June – 236,677

* The Vietnamese numbers have been updated correctly from another website

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