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UPDATE: New regulations for travel to Thailand, including proof of Covid vaccines

Travel to Thailand
PHOTO: Check in for travel to Thailand

UPDATE: There has been another NOTAM (Notice to Air Missions) issued in the past 24 hours which changes Item 5, which MAY provide an opportunity for a person without vaccination proof an option to fly to Thailand.

“If passenger fails to provide document proving these requirements re met, the passenger is subjected to be tested at the port of arrival.”

We will update this story tomorrow morning.

ORIGINAL STORY: The Ministry of Transport and the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand have sent orders to airlines flying into Thailand, setting out new travel and arrival procedures which come into effect from 1am on January 9, 2023.

The new guidelines are for all non-Thais and will be effective until at least January 31.

The proposals were originally outlined by the public health minister on Thursday afternoon. At the time, the lack of details left many questions to be answered regarding the revised travel arrangements that will now come into effect from Monday. The published orders now clarify many details about the new arrival regulations.

The orders have been signed off by the Thai transport minister, Saksayam Chidchob.

• All passengers over the age of 18 must show proof to their airline of at least two Covid-19 vaccines.

Alternatively passengers could also present a letter from a doctor certifying that they have recovered from Covid-19 in a period between 7 days and 6 months (180 days), or have a medical certificate from a doctor stating they are unable to get a vaccine. 

Vaccines must have been at least fourteen days before departure.

(A list of approved vaccines below)

• If the country you are returning to after traveling to Thailand requires a Covid-19 test (like India or China), you must have medical insurance that covers Covid for the duration of your stay. 

Flight crews can use their company insurance as proof. Ex-pats with Thai social security coverage are exempt.

• Thai Citizens with a Thai passport are exempt from all vaccination and insurance requirements.

• Transit-only passengers are exempt from having to present vaccination certificates or proof of insurance.

• It is the airline’s responsibility to check these requirements at check-in. If the Passenger is unable to present these documents, the carrier should refuse the passenger to board.

• Airlines must adhere to relevant requirements and follow guidelines as appropriate, such as asking passengers to wear masks throughout the journey. Except during the meal or in an emergency.

• If a passenger shows signs of having Covid they will be asked to take a Covid test, at their expense, upon arrival in Thailand.

The revised travel procedures have been put in place to match the arrival of Chinese visitors from this Monday after the Chinese government removed a number of Covid travel restrictions, including compulsory quarantine on return to China.

Flights from China will arrive from Monday morning, January 9, into Suvarnabhumi, Phuket and Chiang Mai.

Approved vaccines

Approved Covid vaccines in Thailand

Australian airline QANTAS has just sent this information out to their customers…

• All passengers entering Thailand must provide evidence of being fully vaccinated according to Government of the Kingdom of Thailand guidelines.
• This means having completed a full course at least 14 days before your day of travel. Your vaccination certificate must show your full name as per your passport and be written in English.
• Exceptions apply for:
– passengers travelling on a Thai passport,
– children under 18 years,
– passengers with a medical certificate showing recovery from COVID-19 within 6 months (180 days) of travel
– transiting/transfering passengers who are connecting onto another international flight (passengers will be subject to destination country requirements).
• Passengers who are not vaccinated must have a letter from their doctor to provide the medical reason.
• Passengers travelling to Thailand from a country where your return may be prevented due to COVID-19 (for example, requiring a negative pre-departure test) must also have travel insurance that includes treatment for COVID-19 for the duration of your time in Thailand plus 7 days. This excludes passengers holding a Thai passport or transit/transfer passengers connecting onto another international flight.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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