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The weekend’s Fully Moon Party returns to form

Full Moon Party February 2023
Full Moon Party February 2023

Koh Pha-ngan’s second Full Moon Party after the pandemic ‘restrictions’ took place yesterday and was a “massive success” with an estimated 20,000 participants. The event was held at Hand Rin, as it is each month, and featured the usual variety of concerts, fire shows and copious amounts alcohol (and perhaps some other substances).

The district chief, Wijarn Chunthwichit, says that the majority of the tourists were from nearby islands like Koh Samui and Koh Tao. He also emphasised the importance of security at the event and the measures taken to ensure everyone’s safety, including deployment of security personnel to keep an eye out for pickpockets and potential brawls, as well as instructing speedboat operators to provide life jackets to their passengers.

“The Full Moon Party is expected to generate more than 1 million baht in revenue.”

He stated that the island was now “more or less full of tourists”. This year, Koh Pha ngan has scheduled a total of 12 Full Moon Parties, with dates set for March 7, April 5, May 4, June 4, July 2, August 3 and 31, September 29, October 30, November 27, and December 27 (and extra one for December 31, the New Year’s Eve).

This weekend’s Full Moon Party was a “much-needed boost” for the island’s tourism industry after years of pandemic-induced slowdown. The reported numbers of around 20,000 are down a bit on the peak attendances which could reach up to 30,000 revellers in the past.

“With the appropriate measures in place and the island being filled with tourists, the event proved to be a huge success and an indicator of better times ahead for Koh Pha ngan’s tourism industry.”

The  ‘almost’ monthly Full Moon Party has been taking place for over 30 years. The party was started by a small group of backpackers on the island in the 1980s and has since grown into a major tourist attraction, attracting thousands of visitors each month. The Full Moon Party typically takes place on the night of a full moon, with revellers gathering on Haad Rin Beach to dance, drink, and celebrate.

Over the years, the Full Moon Party has become known for its vibrant and slightly bohemian atmosphere, trance music and unique party culture. Despite some criticism for its reputation for drug use and alcohol-fueled behavior, the event continues to be a popular destination for young travelers from around the world.

In recent years, the Thai government has taken steps to regulate (or try and regulate) the island’s Full Moon Party and improve safety, including increased police presence and efforts to limit drug use and other illegal activities. Despite these efforts, the party remains a staple of the Thai tourism industry and continues to attract thousands of visitors each year.

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