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Defence Ministry to take action over 60,000 fake ‘conscription exemption’ certificates

The Defence Ministry announced on Tuesday its intention to pursue legal action against any current or former military members implicated in the illicit trade of Sor Dor 43 certificates.

Conscription, a national duty outlined in the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand, was initiated in 1905. It mandates military service for all Thai citizens, although in practice, it primarily applies to males over 21 years of age who have not completed reserve training – Wikipedia

Minister Sutin Klungsang issued a stern warning in response to allegations made by Wiroj Lakkhanaadisorn, a Move Forward Party MP and chairman of the House committee on military affairs, who exposed the sale of counterfeit conscription certificates.

According to Wiroj, these forged documents, boasting five official signatures and labeled as “grade A” counterfeits, are being sold for prices reaching up to 50,000 baht per copy.

He estimated that approximately 60,000 fake certificates are circulated annually, amounting to a staggering 3 billion baht in fraudulent transactions.

60,000 young Thais dodging the 2 year military training and a lot of money going into the pockets of people who allow it to happen!

Minister Sutin emphasised the necessity of thorough investigations into these allegations and pledged severe legal and disciplinary consequences for those found guilty of corruption, regardless of when the offences occurred. He further stated that retired military personnel implicated in the distribution of fake certificates would face suspension of their pensions.

Acknowledging ongoing efforts by the Territorial Defence Command  to combat the proliferation of fake documents, Minister Sutin disclosed that arrests have been made in connection to this issue every year, albeit without public announcement. He also revealed that the ministry, in conjunction with relevant sectors, is actively investigating the claims made by the two MPs following formal complaints.

PM Srettha Thavisin has instructed officials involved in the investigations to refrain from leveraging obtained information to intimidate opposition parties.

In a related development, Defence Ministry spokesperson Jirayu Houngsub announced that the Royal Thai Armed Forces would lodge a formal complaint with the police against the Sor Dor 43 certificate sale network in the coming week.


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