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It’s about to get hot in Thailand, damn hot

Heat and humidity in Thailand
Heat and humidity in Thailand

Thailand is bracing for scorching temperatures as summer officially begins this Sunday, with the season expected to last until around mid-May. Bangkok is expected to see record-breaking highs of 39C, the hottest since 2019. Meanwhile, provinces in the north including Lampang, Mae Hong Son, Sukhothai and Tak, are likely to see temperatures soaring upward of 43C, as forecasted by Thai government meteorologists.

Although Bangkok will experience heavy haze this month, there will be some cool morning winds in the north and northeast. The capital city can expect stable, sunny weather for the next week with highs of 35C and progressively warmer evenings, with lows expected to rise from 23C to 26C by March 10.

Last year’s hottest days were April 13 and April 27, with temperatures reaching 38C, while the mercury hit 40C on April 20, 2019. Chomparee Chomphurat, the head of the Thai Meteorological Department, forecasts that prevailing winds over upper Thailand from the northeast to the southeast will make most of upper Thailand sear during the day, with this year’s average summertime highs reaching up to 35.5C.

Thailand’s climate is typically hot and humid, with temperatures averaging around 30C throughout the year – a distinct colder season up north from December to February, and always more humid in the south..

The country generally experiences three seasons: a hot season from March to May, a rainy season from June to October, and a cooler season from November to February. The monsoon season brings heavy rainfall and occasional flooding, particularly in low-lying areas with the winds sweeping in from the Indian Ocean from the south west.

The country’s climate can vary depending on the region, with southern Thailand experiencing more rainfall than the rest of the country and much more humid than up north.

Summer is expected to end in mid-May, giving way to the annual rainy season. Traditionally, rain starts sometime after Songkran, the Thai New Year, on April 13.

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