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Phuket’s best big shows for the family

Simon Cabaret in Patong, Phuket
Simon Cabaret in Patong, Phuket

Phuket offers plenty of big family-friendly entertainment options, including set-price international shows that are both unique and world-class, making them an excellent way to spend an evening after a day of shopping. Kids are usually welcome to visit any of the shows although some rides or attractions may be age or height restricted.

The shows in Phuket can be divided into two categories… ladyboy ‘khatoey’ shows and cultural shows.

Simon Cabaret in Patong is one of the most enduring and colourful ladyboy shows in Thailand. It is the original and longest-running show of its kind in Phuket. It is a world-class performance that is quite family-friendly, although parents might have to answer a few inquisitive questions from the kids after the show. They typically have multiple shows every night of the year.

The show boasts “the best looking women in south east Asia”. It’s hard to disagree.

Be warned however, if you want a photo with one of the performers after the show, you will have to pay for the pleasure… usually around 100-200 baht is the standard tip.

Another popular show, Simon Star, which was closed due to the pandemic, re-opened as ‘Athena’ in June this year.

For those interested in Thai cultural shows, the most well-known performances are at Siam Niramit (By Pass Road near Samkong) and Phuket Fantasea (Kamala), along with the new Carnival Magic light show (located right next to Phuket Fantasea). These shows can be purchased as a “dinner and show” package or as a show-only options if you want to save some cash.

PHOTO: Siam Niramit

All three shows are highly recommended and will be a favourite among kids. Siam Niramit is more cultural in nature (the 90 minute theatre spectacular is jaw-dropping), while Phuket Fantasea leans more towards fantasy Thai-style. However, both performances are enjoyable and worth seeing and very suitable for kids.

There is also the new Andmanda Water Park in Samkong (200 metres west of the Samkong junction, on your way towards Patong), which is a massive water park with lots of rides that, in some cases, are not suitable for the faint-hearted. It’s an all-day entertainment destination with rides and relaxation zones that cater to every age group.

Our favourite option at Andmanda Water Park is Coral World, just to the left of the main entrance area, where visitors can float gently down the river, taking your time and enjoying the slow ride.

In all cases your hotel can arrange and book tickets, including transport to and from the venues. Just check with your front desk. Or you can book directly on their websites.

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