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Finnish tourists charged with overstay after faking kidnap

PHOTO: Matichon

Two Finnish tourists, who concocted an elaborate tale of kidnapping and ransom involving a Thai police officer, have been charged with overstaying their visa.

The Phuket Express reports that on December 15, Phuket police were contacted by the parents of one of the tourists as they were unable to reach their son. According to the parents, their son had told them he was being held captive by a police officer who was demanding 7,000 Euros for his release.

The police managed to track down the “missing” tourist, 27 year old Aki-Perreri Kristian, and his friend, 34 year old Siikalouma Joonass Patteri. They then figured our that both men had concocted the abduction story.

After questioning the tourists, officers discovered they had run out of funds for their Thailand adventure. The kidnap and ransom claims were an elaborate plan to get more money from Mr Kristian’s parents.

Police then discovered that the men had overstayed their visas by more than 141 days. They have been charged with overstaying in the kingdom and are expected to be deported and blacklisted.

It’s not known if they will face additional charges for falsely claiming a Thai police officer had kidnapped them for ransom money.

Worse waits for them when they arrive back in Finland and face Mr Kristian’s parents!

SOURCE: The Phuket Express

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