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Motorbike rider, who blocks Phuket ambulance, breaks both legs in accident

PHOTO: Thai Hitz

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A Phuket motorbike driver who blocked an ambulance that was rushing a patient to hospital has had his comeuppance. The bike rider in question deliberately blocked an ambulance travelling behind him, before getting into an accident where he broke both his legs.

Kusoldharm rescue worker Somphong Panaputae was driving the ambulance transporting a seriously ill patient to Patong Hospital.

“Earlier this week, I was driving an ambulance with a patient heading to a hospital. There was a motorbike rider in front of my ambulance slowing our travel. The patient was having a medical emergency and we were in a hurry with all sirens and lights blaring.”

Despite making it clear this was an emergency situation, Somphong says the bike rider in front of him refused to move. The ambulance crew then used the vehicle’s microphone to ask the rider to make way.

“Instead of moving away, he rode the motorbike in a zig zag way instead, essentially preventing us from getting around him.”

The ambulance eventually made it to Patong Hospital, but on the return journey, the crew came across an accident between a car and a motorbike. Pulling over at the scene, they realised it was the very same motorbike rider.

“When we arrived at the scene the rider, who broke both legs, was the same rider who had earlier blocked our ambulance.”

According to the Phuket Express report, the authorities have not revealed the identify of the bike rider and have not confirmed if he will be charged with blocking the ambulance.

SOURCE: The Phuket Express

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