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Thai foodies up in arms as popular curry named one of the worst dishes in the world

PHOTO: Flickr/Kidsada Manchinda

Horror! A Thai food listed as one of the ‘worst’ culinary servings in the world!!

Thai diners are reeling in shock as their beloved dish, Kaeng Som (Spicy-Sour Fish Curry) has been ranked 12th worst dish in the world by global food website, TasteAtlas. The popular Thai dish received a low score of 2.3 out of 5, which led to widespread disappointment and anger among Thai foodies.

Full list HERE.

Despite its long history in Thai cuisine, the sour and spicy curry failed to impress the judges at TasteAtlas. The worst dish, according to the website, was Russia’s Indigirka salad with a score of 1.4, followed by Canada’s pizza cake with 1.8 points and Iceland’s Hákarl (fermented shark) with 1.9 points.

However, Thai foodies are puzzled by Kaeng Som’s ranking, pointing out that a similar dish, South Korea’s Kimchi Jjigae, received a high score of 4.5 and was not included in the list of 100 worst dishes.

Not all Thai dishes fare badly in such rankings, with the kingdom’s cuisine usually receiving very favourable feedback. In August last year, CNN Travel praised Thai cuisine, adding a number of national dishes to its list of 50 best Asian street foods. They included Sai krok Isaan (fermented sausages from north-east Thailand), Khao Jeow Pu (crab omelette) and Khao Soi (chicken and fried noodle curry).

It was the second nod for the popular northeastern dish of Khao Soi, which was named the World’s Best Soup earlier the same month. The list of the world’s best soups was compiled by TasteAtlas, the same website whose users were not such fans of Kaeng Som.

SOURCE: Nation Thailand

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