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Phuket – the island of three seasons

Phuket monsoons in summer
PHOTO: Phuket monsoons in summer season

The sunniest time of the year is the Phuket winter, the hottest time is the spring, the wettest time is the summer – go figure!

Phuket experiences three seasons throughout the year – the hot season, the dry season, and the wet season – and each has its own unique characteristics that make Phuket a year-round destination for tourists from all over the world.

The hot season, which lasts from March to May, is characterized by high temperatures and low humidity. During this season, temperatures can reach up to 35°C (95°F), and the sun shines for an average of 8 hours a day. While this may sound like perfect beach weather, the heat can be intense, and it is important to stay hydrated and wear sun protection when spending time outdoors. The hot season is also the driest season of the year, with very little rainfall.

Learn more about Phuket’s monsoon HERE.

The dry season, which runs from December to February, is the most popular time to visit Phuket. The temperatures are still warm, with an average of 28°C (82°F), but the humidity is lower than in the hot season, making it a more comfortable time to explore the island. The dry season is also the peak tourist season in Phuket, with many visitors coming to escape the cold weather in their home countries. During this season, the beaches are crowded, and accommodation prices can be higher than usual.

The wet season, also known as the monsoon season, runs from May to November. This season is characterized by heavy rainfall, high humidity, and occasional thunderstorms. While the wet season may sound less appealing to tourists, it can be a great time to visit Phuket for those who prefer fewer crowds and lower prices. The vegetation on the island is lush and green during this season, and the waterfalls are at their most spectacular. However, it is important to note that some beaches may be closed during the wet season due to strong currents and rough seas.

The monsoon in southern Thailand, including Phuket, typically starts in May (usually straight after Songkran – the Thai New Year) and lasts until October or November. During this time, the weather can be unpredictable, with sudden and heavy rainfall that can cause flooding and landslides. But the downpours are usually short and sharp.

The monsoon winds blow from the southwest, bringing moisture from the Indian Ocean and the Andaman Sea to southern Thailand. The amount of rainfall varies from year to year, but on average, Phuket receives around 2,400mm of rain per year, with the wettest months being September and October.

While the monsoon season can be unpredictable and sometimes disruptive, it is also an important part of the local ecosystem. The heavy rainfall replenishes the island’s water supply and supports the growth of vegetation and crops. It is also the breeding season for many species of fish and marine life, making it a great time for diving and snorkeling.

To prepare for the monsoon season, residents and businesses in Phuket take a number of precautions. Many buildings are constructed with elevated foundations and drainage systems to prevent flooding, and emergency services are on standby to respond to any weather-related incidents. Tourists visiting Phuket during the monsoon season should also take precautions, such as carrying rain gear and staying up to date on weather warnings.

Right now we’re getting into Phuket’s hot season. Read about it HERE.

Whether you prefer hot and dry weather or lush greenery and fewer crowds. While the monsoon season may be less predictable than the other seasons, it is still a great time to experience the island’s natural beauty and unique culture. By taking precautions and staying informed about weather conditions, visitors to Phuket can enjoy their trip no matter what season they choose to visit.

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