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Jetstar flight problems, to and from Thailand, stretch into fourth week

Jetstar 787 Thailand
Jetstar 787 Thailand

The problems with Jetstar and its problems with flights in and out of Australia over the past month, are well documented. Read HERE and HERE and HERE.

But the problems for passengers travelling to and from Thailand with Jetstar, particularly Phuket, continue to cause issues for passengers. One person says they’ve been stranded in Phuket for 2 weeks. Probably a nice problem to have, if you have the time. Most families don’t.

Troy Peacock, chatting on the Facebook group “Phuket Thailand Groupies” shared his problem…

I’ve had my flight home delayed twice and cancelled twice. Two weeks later I’m still in Phuket.

Jetstar, a wholly owned budget offshoot of the QANTAS Group, has previously apologised for the widespread delays, citing bird-strikes and problems getting hold of spare parts.

“Unfortunately, our Boeing 787 fleet has been impacted by a number of issues, including a lightning strike, a bird strike, damage from an item on the runway and delays sourcing a specific spare part for one of our aircraft due to global supply chain challenges.”

Most of the current problems appear to be affecting Jetstar’s Boeing 787 Dreamliner long-haul fleet. Up to a week ago, half of that fleet were still ‘grounded’ due to apparent engineering and staffing delays. The flight to and from Singapore also appear to have been less affected than the Jetstar flights from Bangkok, Phuket and Japan.

More than 4,000 passengers had been inconvenienced, up to the first week in September. Now the number keeps on increasing as frustrated passengers continue to share their travel woes on social media. These from the past few days, relating to travel into and out of Phuket…

“Is Thai Air more reliable than Jetstar. Seeing a lot of flights cancelled.”

“The ACME company from Road Runner cartoons is more reliable.”

Road Runner Warner Brothers

“Currently sitting in a motel as flight for tonight cancelled by Jetstar for tomorrow. Would fly someone else if you can.”

“We got cancelled today and rescheduled for 1pm tomorrow.”

“So disappointing. We’ve travelled with Jetstar every year. But 2 days ago we had our flight cancelled. Then next flight delayed by 8 hours. Got here 2 days late and lost 2 nights accommodation. Will not use Jetstar again.”

“My flight tomorrow is cancelled and now flying Sydney to Phuket Sunday, hopefully.”

“Just heard my flight on November 2 has been cancelled without warning. Three weeks in paradise on the verge of collapse. How can they cancel a flight so far out. Will they reinstate that flights. What should I do?”

“I checked my booking today, my return flight on Feb 21 had been cancelled and I was not advised. I called them straight away and changed to next direct, get in quick.”

“There has to be a reason they’ve dropped 2 Wednesday flights in a row.”

“TBH I’d rather swim than fly Jetstar.”

“I have been flying Jetstar for years but I am done with them.”

Troy Peacock also had some good advice in the same group…

“You have to pay upfront, they will reimburse you A$150 a night for accommodation and A$30 for meals a day. Make sure you keep receipts.”

Other commenters advised that if your hotel accommodation includes a breakfast, Jetstar won’t reimburse the A$30 food allowance.

The best advise Phuket-GO can offer is, for travel beyond this time, of if you have future bookings to Thailand with Jetstar…

• Check your travel insurance will cover cancellations and rescheduled flights that result in you having to pay for additional accommodation, etc. Absolutely make sure you have travel insurance!

• Keep all your receipts and proof of additional expenses and take a photo of the expenditure for additional evidence.

• Make contact with the carrier to check your flights in the 2 days before you fly. Don’t just assume, because they haven’t contacted you, that everything is OK.

• Don’t take out your frustration on airport and check-in staff. Even in Australia, these are not Jetstar staff. Particularly in Thailand, your frustrations anger won’t be well understood or appreciated by Thai contract staff.

Airlines that are also flying to and from Australia and Thailand at the moment include…

• Scoot Airlines (majority owned by Singapore Airlines). Also a budget Airline but having a much more reliable track record. All flights to Australia via Singapore.

• AirAsia and AirAsiaX are resuming flights from Australia into Asia from the start of November. All their flights transit through KL. There are still reasonably priced tickets available through to the end of 2022 at this time.

• Thai Airways have a range of flights available and are re-introducing flights to Perth as well. But, as a legacy airline, the ticket prices are more expensive.

• Singapore Airlines. A premium flying experience, all via Changi Airport in Singapore. But cancellations are rare.

• Malaysian Airlines. Also flying through KL. But only flying three times a week into Australia at the moment.

Beyond these options you can get a bit more creative, and expensive, by booking through one of the middle eastern carriers who fly daily out of Bangkok and Phuket and into Australian ports. All of these would be via Dubai (Emirates), Abu Dhabi (Etihad) or Hamad International Airport (Qatar). These airlines have also experienced very few cancellations or rescheduling over recent months.

Or you can persist with your Jetstar booking and keep an open mind about travel dates and possible delays.

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